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OP-COM 090821D Opel Diagnostics [Updated-2022]




the size of the zip file is only 1.5 MB Kepo: maybe also unzip if the file contains a zip file itself. rocky: takahashi? fairuz: yes rocky: please try this: rocky: rocky: Kepo gave you the other name rocky: fairuz: I found the zip file on their website: fairuz: do i unzip that first? Kepo: huhu buat apa rocky: Good job. rocky: Yes, you need to unzip the "unzip" one first. fairuz: i was just gonna try unzipping the linux machine and running the one you pasted rocky: Had you tried that? rocky: try with that first. Then come back to the rocky: okay fairuz: Had you tried that? Kepo: nope, only did this fairuz: Haha okay fairuz: Lemme try fairuz: I can't find any unzipper for linux fairuz: I'll try unrar first Kepo: kalau kat windows pastu kat linux, kalau windows pastu kat linux Kepo: unrar -e Kepo: it might be working fine




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OP-COM 090821D Opel Diagnostics [Updated-2022]